Our own engineer is making foundation, static calculations, production and assembly drawings. For ventilation, VVS and electrical drawings we are using our partners.

Prefab house production

Our production facility 1200 m2 is situated in Soodevahe (Tallinn, Estonia) what makes delivery of materials to factory and transportation of house elements to harbour and than to Scandinavian countries comfortable for us with minimum logistic costs.

House delivery

We will organize delivery of your house to building plot with a help of our trustfull logistic operators.

House assembly

We are using our own teams for house assemblies. Every team is fully equiped with all needed tools and we have always one english speaking brigade leader in each team for direct discussion with Customer on site.

Electrical installation

For electrical works we are using our longterm partners who have long expirience and all needed licenses for works in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Ventilation Works

All ventilation installations (also balanced ventilation) we are doing ourself and using materials from well known producers LINDAB, ONNINEN, Systemair, Flex, Vallox

Interior and exterior finishing

Depending on planned materials and technical solutions we are either doing finishing works by ourself or using our longterm partners. We can offer almost all finishing works and materials.

Exterior finishing:

Wooden facades (wood panels with standard and custom profiles, diferent types of wood: pine, spruce, larch, etc) Brick/stone facade (we can organize direct delivery of bricks from Danish and Germany factories ) Putz (ventilated and non ventilated facades) Glass facade (Aluminum profiles with glass packets)

Interior finishing:

- Spackling and painting - parquet and natural floor boards - hydroisolation in wet rooms - klinker and wall tile installation

Windows and outdoors

Depending on architectual design we can offer windows and doors made from PVC, wood, wood-Alu and Aluminum from producers in Estonia and Lithuania.

Interior furniture and staircases

We have good longterm partners who can help you to design your furniture and stair, produce them and install in your house.

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